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My letter to the Herald

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to “Anti-Gay conference draws fire,” August 16, by Jessica Fargen. As a member of QueerToday since its inception, and as a participant in Sunday’s demonstration, I am pleased to see coverage of our cause in the media. However, I feel that Fargen’s interpretation of Sunday’s event, and QueerToday’s cause, are inaccurate.

QueerToday is an organization founded to advocate for the equality of all LGBT people, specifically queer youth, which is an often overlooked segment of the queer community. According to the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by our state government, LGBT Youth in Massachusetts are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide than straight youth. However, in schools with Gay Straight Alliances, the risk drops to the same level of straight youth. Research proves that letting LGBT youth know they are welcome, accepted, and protected saves their lives.

Instead of speaking with our organization, the reporter of Tuesday’s article quoted a director of the Freedom to Marry Coalition, who has nothing to do with our group and was not even present at our demonstration on Sunday afternoon. Nor were there any Herald reporters present—the only media who showed up were from Bay Windows.

Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out” conference is a direct attack on queer youth, designed to suppress the voices and rights of young people throughout this country. Let’s focus our attention on the youth, who have been overshadowed far too long.

Member, QueerToday
Boston, MA


Jennifer said...

Great letter Andrea. Did it get published?

Andrea said...

It wasn't in the paper today, but I didn't send it until late yesterday afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow!

fanous said...

Queer youth are statutory rapists

Call the police.