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A response to our protest, from Article 8

As appeared in today's Herald, a letter from Brian Camenker of Article "Hate" Alliance:

Gay activism goes too far

The homosexual movement's outrageous attempts to intimidate the Tremont Temple Baptist Church expose the brutal nature of gay activism ("Anti-gay conference draws fire," Aug. 16).

The conference in question has a message that homosexual activists vehemently want to stop: People can be healed from the pain of homosexual behavior by embracing God. A prominent lesbian like Anne Heche is now happily married to a man. Gay activism can't stand that discussion.

Now even religious programs in churches are targets. Is this the "civil rights" they keep talking about?

Brian Camenker, Newton

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fanous said...

It's amazing that once we sat Heche down and told her her genitals meant she was a woman, she figured it all out - Ellen Degeneres lied to her.