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Not that different!

Brian, Amy, and me. Not that different.

I wanted to share some similarities between Brian, Amy and me that I started to think about last night.

1.) Recently posted on MassResistance I was reading a review or commentary on the attacks on gay people in New Bedford by Robida. Are Brian and Amy really that different than Robida? Let’s see.

“Was killing himself a "hate crime"? Might he have hated himself? Why? Maybe he was conflicted on his own sexual identity, and in the midst of a severe psychological struggle.” MassResistance

I know these are rhetorical questions so instead of answering them I thought I might pose some rhetorical questions of my own (though people are welcome to answer them). Brian and Amy, do you hate yourselves? Why? Are you conflicted on your own sexual identity, and in the midst of a severe psychological struggle? Does your vitriolic hatred help polarize your sexual identity to something that it is not? I know that sorting out who you are can be scary. I was scared of who I was originally. I even used to pick on gay people, and preach how unnatural it was. I was wrong and I have since come to terms with who I am and who I love. Maybe someday Brian and Amy can share the freedom and liberation that I and so many others enjoy.

2.) Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada more obsessed with gay sex than me. I enjoy sex (or homosexual sex, or sex with other men, whatever clinical terminology they want to use) I would even go so far as to say that I think about sex often. It however does not consume me; it does not eat up all my free time. I don’t try to pass laws making people only have the kind of sex that I have. At first my thought was if Brian and Amy are so uncomfortable with sex that I and many others have they should simply not engage in the acts they preach against. I think now, with the apparent obsession they have for the details for the sex we have, maybe they need play out their sexual fantasies a bit more. Maybe Brian really wants to have anal sex, and come on people; we can’t blame him for that!

3.) Brian and Amy are *disgusted by “homosexual” sexual activity or just sexual activity in general, I’m not sure which. Something I am noticing though, as much as they are grossed out by the sex that I have, I am grossed out at the thought of them having sex. Why is that most of these people who hate sex, are people no one would want to fuck in the first place? I am completely revolted at the idea of Brian or Amy having sex, with men or women. So I feel like we have that in common, I’m revolted by them, they are revolted by me. I don’t feel a need to pass a law that says they can’t have sex and maybe that is something I need to re-think.

Folks, I could be wrong. I just wanted to share my thoughts, see what ya’ll think.

Thanks. :)



Mark D. Snyder said...

I think we should propose a constitutional amendment preventing Amy and Brian from ever having sex again.

Adam said...

Well-spoken, Jesse (as usual). For some reason, I am now in the mood to watch a particular "Daily Show" clip...

P.S. For Brian- Jesse is my boyfriend, and I can tell you we have amazing homosexual sex. Jealous?


Queer Jay said...

I guess Amy and Brian according to post a few days ago also fined the vagina to be vile. Is it worth asking which one of them hates vagina more?

Which makes me wonder. When they say something is disgusting or that they hate it, it really isn't hate speech it is actually love (thats what they tell us anyhow). So now I'm confused do they really love Vagina? So tell me how much do you love vagina, Amy and Brian!

heather said...


I think that living well is the best revenge. well, that and some really good psychotherapy.