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The solution is Socialism!

Immigration and undocumented workers: The current plan the Bush Regime is offering is to spend Billions of dollars militarizing the border along Mexico and creating a guest worker program that can eventually lead to Citizenship. The guest worker program is not amnesty as some are claiming and it is not a moderate’s solution. It IS Indentured Servitude. This program requires them to pay back taxes, current taxes, for 5 years, on extremely low wages. The program is like slaves trying to buy their freedom or serfs trying buy their freedom. Haven’t we profited enough off of these workers?! Let’s not forget that companies continue to build factories (sweat shops) along the border and send recruiters into Mexico and urge Mexicans to cross the border to work for them. And it is not just Bush’s Regime that is the problem. US Foreign policy has always been about power and profit. Not matter what is happening on this hemisphere the US has to control everything. Whether it is militarizing the border of Mexico, leading coup’s in South American countries, colonizing Puerto Rico and Haiti and exploiting workers there. The problem is easy to see, Imperialism, capitalist imperialism. The answer is not a “Democratic President” or a “Liberal Congress.” The answer is Socialism. Stop exploitation, stop greed, stop border patrols, stop imperialism.

US Embargo on Cuba:
Is this really necessary? Is this embargo accomplishing anything? Cuba continues to grow economically albeit slower with the embargo but still record growth every year. It is nothing but a clear example of US Capitalism and Imperialism and the need to control this hemisphere. Before you start demonizing Cuba with US propaganda remember that after 9/11 Cuba prepared hundreds of doctors to fly over here and help. Remember during and after Katrina Cuba was again prepared to send hundreds of doctors and supplies to help with relief work. And yet we continue to spend billions of dollars a year enforcing an embargo.

Has recently been labeled by the Bush Regime as a threat and yet Venezuela provides home heating oil for extremely prices to low income families to Massachusetts, Maine and other states. The Socialist government in Venezuela does something extremely scary to the corporate few here in America, they provide everyone with quality health care. How long before we occupy Venezuela? How long before we embargo Venezuela?

War on Drugs:
If the Regimes that have been office are serious about ending drug use in America, they would arrest the corporate fat cats who manufacture and sell chemicals that are used in making drugs to countries like Colombia. Instead they arrest and criminalize the end user. Enforcing unfair prison sentence’s and revoking the rights of thousands of citizens everyday that are sent to prisons for non-violent crimes. This war on drugs is a war on the American people, the undocumented people, and especially people of color here in the US. It is another tool to keep the population divided and weak so the wealthy and ruling class and continue to rule and gain wealth.

Division, Race, and Economics:
Black schools have become pipelines to black prisons. Black people make up approximately 11% percent of the population and yet make up 49% of the prison population; most of them in prison for unfair mandatory minimum sentencing and non-violent crimes. Black people are arrested by white cops, prosecuted by white attorneys before white juries. The poor working class has been pushed so far from middle class and upper class that race and color don’t matter. All poor working people are seen as criminals while all poor people regardless of color are being exploited for the wealthy. This is just another tool to keep the population, the majority divided and down.

Women and Queers:
Women are slowly losing access to health care and reproductive freedoms. Queers are consistently being denied access to marriage even in MA the threat of losing marriage is real and with that loss comes financial devastation to many working families. They are denied safe space in schools, funding for suicide prevention and sex education, they denied jobs and forced to assimilate into a hetero-normative society hiding and denying themselves freedom of expression. The point here is that the most intimate parts of freedom are systematically being taken away and denied to these people. Rights to their bodies, expression, jobs, fair compensation, who they love, how they love. Its beyond a way on culture it is a war on the freedoms that make these groups who and what they are. It is division!

I could go on, this is I know only the tip of the iceberg. I was re-inspired and motivated this weekend when I attended the Workers World Party conference “Rebirthing Socialism” this past weekend in NYC. We are quick to complain, but we seldom offer a solution. I believe that Socialism is the solution. The solution is not the democratic party, I refuse to sit on my knees being fed table scraps by democrats to pacify the burning pains of oppression and exploitation. I refuse to sit ideally by why I watch so many people imprisoned for non-violent crimes and crimes that were never committed. I refuse to watch my sisters’ loose freedoms to their own bodies. I refuse to accept propaganda meant to scare me into line by the corporations that make up this government. I refuse to watch trans people and gender variant people murdered at 90 plus a year (and that number is under-reported and under studied). I refuse to accept that the wealthiest country in the world cannot provide HEALTH CARE and EDUCATION and HOUSING and FOOD to all of its residents when I see other less wealthy countries with all of those things. I refuse to be divided.
I refuse to complain without offering solution. I believe socialism is that solution. All of our struggles are related and we must not be divided.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Some additions I'd like to add:

Militarism and recruitment are major issues as well. We continue to fight the war in Iraq, spending billions of dollars each month at the expense of social programs. American soldiers continue to die (2,500 deaths) as do Iraqi civilians (150,000+). The occupation forces are just finishing construction of four major super-bases, so the US/UK can maintain troop levels of up to 100,000 in Iraq indefinitely to defend corporate oil interests. Open war with Iran is a real possibility within the next year. Meanwhile the Defense department is reorganizing the structure of the military to allow for more "covert operations" by special forces to destablize uncooporerative governments throughout the world, quite similar to our actions throughout Latin America in the 1970's and 1980's that led to such disasters as the fascist Pinochet regime in Chile and the destruction of Nicaragua after the overthrow of the Sandanistas. Our policies towards China grow gradually more hostile and open confrontation between the US and China will be a major threat within the next quarter century.

Meanwhile, military recruiters overwhelmingly target poor, minority youth and convince them they have no other viable option for success than to join. Soldiers are subject to backdoor drafts and extended tours of duty. Soldiers suffering from mental illness as a result of combat (Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression etc) are forced to fight. Women and especially queers continue to be face discrimination in the military.

The struggle against militarism is directly tied to the struggles against social and economic inequality, and if there is to be a major progressive force in this country, all of these struggles must unite.

Charitalia said...

Could you confirm this and comment on it, please?

"Harvard University: Ségolène Royal supports independence for Puerto Rico"

"On February 7, 2008, Ségolène Royal visited Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. There she gave a conference on "Reforming the Left in France to Reform the French Economy". After finishing her allocution, the forum was open to public questions. The first question asked Ségolène Royal to respond whether she supports independence for Puerto Rico as does the Socialist International, to which her political party is affiliated."