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International Workers Day

International Workers Day In Solidarity with The Great American Strike 2006
Monday, 01 May 2006
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

May 1, International Workers Day

In Solidarity with The Great American Strike 2006

No work, no school, no buying, no selling!

1886… the fight for the 8-hour day…
2006… today’s fight for full legal rights for all immigrants

In unprecedented mobilizations, millions of immigrant workers and their supporters have made history. We have demonstrated that with numbers we have power. Immigrant Rights organizations and others around the country have called for a “Gran Paro Americano” (National Strike) on May 1st. May 1st is International Workers Day. This special workers holiday was “born in the USA” on May 1, 1886 when close to two hundred thousand workers in the United States struck for the eight-hour day. Today millions of working people all over the world celebrate May 1st as a day of protest against injustice and in defense of workers rights. However, May Day has been largely forgotten in the land of its birth. This year May Day will be special. As we mobilize for justice for the immigrant community we can help revive that militant workers holiday here in the USA.

The government, employers, and the media conglomerates seek to turn us as working people against each other by talking about “illegal” immigrants who are a “drain on society." But who in this country is not a descendant of immigrants? Like other workers, immigrant workers are exploited, pay many billions yearly in taxes, and are under attack. Immigrants are working people, not criminals, and deserve to be treated with dignity and have the right to be united with their families.
Amnesty for all! No human being is illegal

When? May 1st, 2006
At what time? 4:00 PM
Where? Rally on BOSTON COMMON
(Park Street, Green Line or Red Line T)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Boston May Day Coalition 617-407-9433 or 617-566-2861 Email:

Sponsored by the Boston Mayday Coalition, Chelsea UniƩndose en Contra de la Guerra, Socialist Alternative, the International Socialist Organization, Latinos for Social Change, Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition, & the July 26th Coalition. (Partial List) Labor Donated

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