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Fighting the wrong fight

There is danger in thinking that winning gay marriage nationally and permanently securing marriage in Massachusetts are the "big wins." The queer community has greater needs than to be card-carrying members of the patriarchal heterosexist culture that has held down women, people of color, undocumented workers, and so many other marginalized communities. For decades, the dominant culture has oppressed us queers. Why now are we so willing to jump at the chance to join it? Let's not forget that the same society the gay marriage movement is trying to gain access to has lead to the deaths of many queers through hate crimes, suicides, and years of indifference to the AIDS epidemic.

Instead of focusing our efforts and money assimilating into a discriminatory society, we should be advocating for a revolution. The revolution begins with ending the silence and taking action against all forms of injustice. The queer movement should be fighting for universal human rights, not just for queers, but for everyone. Because in the fight for liberation, no one should be left behind.

boston's only gay bookstore

Calamus books is Boston's only LGBT bookstore, and the owner has been selling books for over 16 years. Be sure to check it out! From now on I am going to try to post links to his store when discussing books on the blog.

Abolish Governmental Marriage!

Government-sanctioned marriage is a heterosexist, patriarchal, discriminatory institution with our without including gay and lesbian couples. It puts single people, and people in all sorts of family living situations at an enormous disadvantage. Many of the folks in non-traditional families are queer. The fight for gay marriage has been so focused on assimilation and presenting the queer community as "respectable," that it surely has the potential to destroy our (queer) culture all together and further marginalize the most oppressed. The fight for gay marriage does little to reduce sexual stigmas and shame, protect all queer families, reduce queer suicide and STD rates, or reduce violence against our community. It is one of the most well funded and misguided campaigns in our community's history.

For those of you who believe that gay marriage should be our top priority, I recognize that my opinions are controversial. I will help you fight the radical right when they attack you. And I'm always open to hearing you and working together on projects that we agree on - and there are many. - Mark

It's going to get ugly. And then it's going to get boring. So we have two options here. We can add gay marriage to the short list of controversies -- abortion, affirmative action, the death penalty -- that are so frozen and ritualistic that debates about them are more like kabuki performances than intellectual exercises. Or we can think outside the box. There is a solution that ought to satisfy both camps, and may not be a bad idea even apart from the gay marriage controversy.

That solution is to end the institution of marriage. " - read more!

"When the gay liberation movement formed in 1969, we had a broad, expansive vision of social justice. We wanted to change the world and make it better, —not just for gay men and lesbians (this was before bisexuals and transgender people were fighting along with us), but for everyone. We wanted to find alternatives to the traditional structures under which we were raised, structures that many of us found insufficient to meet our needs and desires. We aligned ourselves with other movements and learned from them." - Michael Bronski: read more!

QueerToday Meeting Tonight! Join us!

Come to our first meeting since our huge protest against James Dobson last fall. Help us plan future protests and events!

14 Beacon St.
Suite 620

mr. heterosexual contest: queer kiss-in

An anti-gay "pastor" in Worcester is holding the Mr. Heterosexual Contest on Saturday Feb. 18th, in an effort to promote "gods plan: heterosexuality." His web site sells mugs that read "100% Hetero, Gods Plan." Ex-gay speakers will be featured.

The event will be held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. A Queer Kiss-In has been called by local activists (Queer Nation?). encourages people to attend the Queer Kiss-In and officially endorses this direct action.

march 18: unite against poverty, racism, & war

Join the queer contingent in the historic march and rally against poverty, racism, and war on March 18th, the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Gather at 11AM at Dudley Common (Blue Hill Ave & Dudley Street). We will march into/through Boston and end at Government Center.

Official Demands of the March:

  • End ALL Occupations
  • Defund the Pentagon - $$$ for Jobs, Housing, AIDS, Healthcare & Education
  • Military Recruiters OUT of Our Schools
  • Justice & Reparations for Hurricane Katrina Survivors
  • Union Jobs - A Living Wage - the Right to Organize
  • Defend Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Stop the War Against the Black, Latin@, Arab & Muslim Communities
  • Stop Racial Profiling & Police Brutality
  • Stop the Attacks on Undocumented & Immigrant Workers & Students
  • Stop the War on Women & Lesbian, Gay, Bi,Trans People
  • Equal, Quality Education is a Right

March 18th Sign Up! Be Counted!

What is your name?

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the world is doomed. anyone listening?

Scientists have discovered that the world has reached its tipping point. Critical damage due to global warming is now unavoidable putting billions of people at risk for death. click here for full story

Not that different!

Brian, Amy, and me. Not that different.

I wanted to share some similarities between Brian, Amy and me that I started to think about last night.

1.) Recently posted on MassResistance I was reading a review or commentary on the attacks on gay people in New Bedford by Robida. Are Brian and Amy really that different than Robida? Let’s see.

“Was killing himself a "hate crime"? Might he have hated himself? Why? Maybe he was conflicted on his own sexual identity, and in the midst of a severe psychological struggle.” MassResistance

I know these are rhetorical questions so instead of answering them I thought I might pose some rhetorical questions of my own (though people are welcome to answer them). Brian and Amy, do you hate yourselves? Why? Are you conflicted on your own sexual identity, and in the midst of a severe psychological struggle? Does your vitriolic hatred help polarize your sexual identity to something that it is not? I know that sorting out who you are can be scary. I was scared of who I was originally. I even used to pick on gay people, and preach how unnatural it was. I was wrong and I have since come to terms with who I am and who I love. Maybe someday Brian and Amy can share the freedom and liberation that I and so many others enjoy.

2.) Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada more obsessed with gay sex than me. I enjoy sex (or homosexual sex, or sex with other men, whatever clinical terminology they want to use) I would even go so far as to say that I think about sex often. It however does not consume me; it does not eat up all my free time. I don’t try to pass laws making people only have the kind of sex that I have. At first my thought was if Brian and Amy are so uncomfortable with sex that I and many others have they should simply not engage in the acts they preach against. I think now, with the apparent obsession they have for the details for the sex we have, maybe they need play out their sexual fantasies a bit more. Maybe Brian really wants to have anal sex, and come on people; we can’t blame him for that!

3.) Brian and Amy are *disgusted by “homosexual” sexual activity or just sexual activity in general, I’m not sure which. Something I am noticing though, as much as they are grossed out by the sex that I have, I am grossed out at the thought of them having sex. Why is that most of these people who hate sex, are people no one would want to fuck in the first place? I am completely revolted at the idea of Brian or Amy having sex, with men or women. So I feel like we have that in common, I’m revolted by them, they are revolted by me. I don’t feel a need to pass a law that says they can’t have sex and maybe that is something I need to re-think.

Folks, I could be wrong. I just wanted to share my thoughts, see what ya’ll think.

Thanks. :)


bush gives 500 million to fight same sex marriage

(Washington) With leaders of some of America's leading anti-gay marriage groups looking on President Bush has signed legislation giving $500 million to faith-based programs to promote and strengthen opposite-sex marriage.

bush gives 500 million to fight same sex marriage

(Washington) With leaders of some of America's leading anti-gay marriage groups looking on President Bush has signed legislation giving $500 million to faith-based programs to promote and strengthen opposite-sex marriage.

first grader suspended for sexual harassment

Update: CNN Report Experts speak out!

Brockton - A first grader was suspended for sexual harassment because he put two fingers in the waistband of a female classmate. The mother of the six year old boy said her son doesn't even know what sexual harassment is.

What is going on here? This is political correctness gone amock! Some so-called liberals need to stop being knee-jerk reactionary political correctness freaks. The teacher should have said honey, that is not appropriate touching and continued with class. And if the mother of the girl threatened to sue, the teacher should have said bring it on they are 6 years old!

This story brings up another pet peeve of mine. Both conservatives and progressives alike need to realize that children are sexual. Yeah, I said it. Children are sexual. I know it's hard for people to read or accept, but we are sexual beings from the moment we are born. And if children and teens are so closely monitored and sheltered that they are never able to explore their sexuality, they will surely end up repressed and troubled adults....One more reason why we need to provide accurate science based sexuality education to young people, so that when they are exploring their sexuality they make informed decisions.

AFA strikes out at gay programing...again!

This letter recently appeared on the AFA website asking Christian viewers to boycott NBC's long running sticom "Will & Grace" which is scheduled to air its final episodes this may.

SPECIAL ALERT! NBC to mock the Crucifixion of Christ

NBC, fresh from giving us the anti-Christian The Book of Daniel , has decided to hit back at the Christian community by presenting an episode of Will and Grace which mocks the crucifixion of Christ.

On the April 13 edition of NBC's Will and Grace , Britney Spears will appear as a Christian conservative sidekick to Sean Hayes' homosexual character, Jack, who hosts his own talk show.

Jack's fictional network, Out TV, is bought by a Christian TV network, leading to Spears contributing a cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's." To further denigrate Christianity, NBC chose to air it the night before Good Friday.

Click Here to read the Associated Press article.

NBC does not treat Jews, Muslims or other religions with such disrespect. Yet the network demonstrates a deep of hostility toward followers of Christ.


1. Call your local NBC affiliate and ask them not to air the April 13 episode of Will and Grace . Ask others to call. Click here to find your local NBC station.
2. Click here to send a letter to NBC Chairman Bob Wright. Ask your pastor to run a notice in your church bulletins and newsletters and request members to go to and send the email to NBC Chairman Wright.
3. Click here to print out a petition (pdf) asking your local NBC affiliate not to air the April 13 episode and distribute it to your Sunday School class and fellow church members.

Next, and this is very important, please forward this to your friends and family today!

If you feel our efforts are worthy, would you consider making a small donation to help us in this effort. Click here to make your donation.

Thanks for caring enough to get involved.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

More information:

I can tell you at least one Christian will be tuning in.

my first caucus experience

I am happy to report that everyone at my caucus in the South End of Boston (ward 4) was a strong supporter of Deval Patrick.

Unfortunately I did not win as a delegate, but I did win as an alternate. I guess it's a good start considering I was a newbie.

One thing I found frustrating was that I am expected to pay a fee, drive to worcester, and stay in a hotel. Now if our party is going to be welcoming and open to diversity and working class people, why not have a one day convention in a more accessible location? (amendment: the party does offer a fee waiver application and there is a train to worcester...)

Most of the people at the caucus knew each other, and the caucussing is a little bit confusing. But I think with a little young energy we could really get the word out and bring more folks into the process. Most of the people my age do not even know what a caucus is, and that is something our party should work on.


new bedford not about gay marriage

Dear friends,

Unfortunately the leaders of some gay organizations have not spoken to the valid feelings of shock, horror, sadness, and fear we have in light of the devastating news from New Bedford.

I am deeply disturbed that many of the gay activists of our community are using the linguistic framing of the fight for gay marriage to respond to this bloody crime.

There is absolutely no proof or reason to believe that this crime is at all related to gay marriage. Hate crimes have been happening well before the fight for gay marriage, and they will continue to increase unless our community re-evaluates our longterm goals.

Furthermore, this is just one more example of how the queer community needs to realize that having gay marriage does not mean we are free from violence, nor truly equal.

Using gay marriage as a way to respond to this horrific crime marginalizes, once again, the many people of our community, who did not decide and who do not feel, gay marriage is the most important fight for us.

It is a sad day when the gay community is so obsessed with assimilating into the historically discriminatory and repressive, shame-filled cultural norms and institutions of straight society that we use the rhetoric of that twisted obsession to respond to a horrific hate crime.

I urge you to broaden your rhetoric, in the style of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, to include messages about violence against women and trans folks, the fueling of violence by the radical right wing, and the alarming suicide rates amongst queer youth.


Mark D. Snyder

religious right fuels hate crimes

Statement by Matt Foreman,
Executive Director National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

"The hatred and loathing fueling this morning's vicious attack on gay men in New Bedford is not innate, it is learned. And who is teaching it? Leaders of the so-called Christian right, that's who. Individuals like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, the Rev. Pat Robertson and their ilk are obsessed with homosexuality. They use their vast resources, media networks and affiliated pulpits to blame lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for all the ills of society. They disguise their hatred as 'deeply held religious beliefs.' We have witnessed seven years of vicious anti-LGBT organizing in Massachusetts — and endured the hate-filled rantings of Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance and Parents Rights Coalition and Ed Pawlick of MassNews. The blood spilled last night is on their hands." .

new bedford hate crime killer's myspace profile

Pleaes be warned that the web site of the suspect in the horrific hate crime that occurred in Puzzles of New Bedford, MA is very disturbing.

Devastating News

This morning devastating news broke.

Last night at Puzzles Lounge a gay bar in New Bedford three patrons were attacked. A young man entered the bar, asked the bartender if it was a gay bar. The bartender confirmed that it was and the young man went to the back of the room and proceeded to axe a patron in the head, pulled out a gun a fired on the crowd.

Certainly this swells and overwhelms us with uncertainty and emotion. Now is the time when we must send a message of love, tolerance, and respect for LGBT people. We of course are hurt and angry an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, something we all learned when Mathew Sheppard was murdered. This has all the elements of pre-meditated, calculated, extermination.

In this sad hour and the more that are sure to come over the next day we must know our resolve. We must NOT be silent, we must NOT be complacent, and we must NOT be scared. This is your call to action: you must organize, you must call the groups you belong to and demand action, you must call your legislators, and you must write your newspaper. You, we, all must take care of ourselves and each other. This is a reminder that we are not safe.

Take care. Take action.

Jesse Sullivan

new bedford gay bar attacked by armed man

A man with a machete and gun went on an anti-gay rampage last night in a popular New Bedford gay club. Three people are injured. We will post details of candle-light vigils and related events.

Our hearts go out to the victims of this horrible and terrifying event. We hope and pray for their recovery.

The suspect (see photo) is still at large and is considered to be armed and dangerous.
read more>

my first caucus: deval deval deval!

On Saturday Feb. 4 I will attend my first caucus. To be honest I have no idea what to expect, but I am psyched to be apart of electing Deval Patrick. I'm also excited to represent myself as a young queer person involved in the political process. I hope that this Saturday young people surprise party insiders with our enthusiasm and level of involvement. And, of course, I would love it if we kicked Tom Reilly's ass.

There has been a lot of negativity floating around in regards to the state of the Democratic Party right now. People think we are not energized. People think we're divided. People think we don't take a clear and strong moral stand on issues. There is a solution to those problems, and his name is Deval Patrick!

Now is the time for all of us who believe in social justice to rally behind the only candidate for governor who shares our values.

Log-on to today to find out where your caucus is.