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Emerson College Graduate Trans Bashes on Faux News

Warning: Extreme Transphobia


Kasey H. said...

Which one of these idiots went to Emerson? Also, I kind of love how they are struggling to use the incorrect pronoun, even as they are so adamant about referring to him as "she." The facts of the situation are too obvious to circumvent their bogus opinions. He's too dudely and they are too stupid to successfully hate.

Also, in light of an incident earlier this year where Emerson's newspaper, the Berkeley Beacon, printed an "article" about a trans woman which was really just thinly-veiled misogyny and transphobia, and the administration refused to respond, I think this is really telling about how progressive Emerson actually is. I mean, yeah, I would like to think these hatemongers are one out of many, but so far I have too much evidence to the contrary. Also, clearly, having a single course be sufficient to fulfill our "U.S. Diversity" requirement at Emerson is not actually successful at instilling respect for diverse experiences in students. But seriously, everyone has established that the kid is going to be fine, health-wise. Can't society just chill out about this? Transguys have been getting pregnant for YEARS. This is OLD NEWS.

Kasey H. said...

Oh, okay, it was Bill Shulz, or whoever, who went to he the only one?

Lame-o said...

Hey, The Berkeley Beacon, Emerson's newspaper had a story on this- you can read it if you'd like online