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daily show shuts down brian camenker

Video: Anti-gay Article Hate Alliance founder Brian Camenker gets made fun of on the Daily Show Here.


Anonymous said...

WHAAAT! That is sooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Laughing to exscape Reality!

While I am sure such laughs made liberals feel good, to Red State America we were not lauging!

These Show's omly confirm bias in media nothing more!

It show the degree in which the Liberal Media takes up for gay activist!

But uses humor to censor viewpoints,

If you laugh at some one they are irrelevant!

I wish they would have been fair and taken there camera's to the Human Rights Campaign HQ's or GLADD's HQ.

But I am sure that would appear to intolerant.

PS. I just sent Artilce 8 $100.00 bucks, keep it up!

Michael said...

I personally saw nothing wrong with the interview. Yes he did ask some serious questions and many not serious questions but consider the source. ITS A SHOW ON COMEDY CENTRAL, not CNN. But Brian did make a fool of himself. Saying that a rise in crime rate, air pollution, etc could all be linked to gay marriage becoming legal is totally rediculous. And asking how gay marriage becoming legal has affected Brians marriage is a totally legit question, since they claim that allowing gay marriage will somehow affect the institution, they bear the burden of proof to show how it does affect affect a heterosexual marriage in an adverse way.

Anonymous said...


The Daily Show is a COMEDY PROGRAM. It is shown on COMEDY CENTRAL. It is meant to ENTERTAIN THE WATCHER. It is not "the liberal media".


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Check out the right wing knuckle dragger.

I'm laughing hard at the mouth breathing, bigot.
I guess that makes him as irrelevant as the dope in the video.

He of course fails to mention that if this massresitance dope had any actual point (aside
from the top of his head), the piece wouldn't be funny.

This guy isn't made an idiot because the piece is funny. It's the other way around.

Yours Truly
A proud supporter of the ho-mo-seck-shual agenda