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Historic LGBT Wins & More!

New~A Hawaii woman won a seat on the state Board of Education and, according to national advocacy groups, a place in history as the nation's highest-ranking transgender elected official. (
A record breaking sixty-seven openly gay and lesbian candidates were elected (365gay) to various offices nationwide yesterday. Arizona became the first state where voters rejected a ban on same-sex marriage.

More Victories...

Rumsfeld Steps Down

Democrats win house

Democrats win senate (Barring any recount changes)

Bernie Sanders becomes first socialist elected to senate

First Muslim elected to congress

Nancy Pelosi first woman speaker of house

record breaking 67 openly gay people elected nationwide

Deval Patrick nation's second black governor

Massachusetts and New York elect first pro same-sex marriage governors

a defeats gay marriage ban

Missouri supports stem cell research

South Dakota defeats abortion ban

Several towns in California decriminalized marijuana use, and nationwide ballot questions show voters support legalizing medicinal use and small amounts for personal use

Democrats win majority of governorships

Democrats control most state legislators

Ballot questions nationwide show disapproval of war in Iraq and call for withdrawl

Victory over viciously right-wing Santorum

Democrats win every major statewide office in Ohio hopefully preventing another vote stealing situation

1/3 of evangelicals voted democrat this time

History has been made. Now that momentum is on our side we must fight harder than ever for justice. We must hold the elected officials accountable to their promises, and pressure them to bring the troops home from the disgusting war in Iraq.


Daniel Spigelmyer said...

We in Pennsylvania are proud that we beat Santorum! It's about time that someone ousted that right-wing nut-job!

Mister Goat said...

Please also remember that here in Michigan, we had a major loss which is likely to effect the rest of the country--affirmative action was banned in a referendum.