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Let's NOT Go To Prison!

Rape is not funny. Prison is not funny. Prison rape is not funny. And jokes about bending over for the soap in prison because you might be raped are outdated and not fucking funny. The new movie Let's Go To Prison will not be funny.

A few years ago was the first web site to start a petition and generate hundreds of calls to the 7UP marketing team when they had an advertisement with the joke resting on male to male prison rape. The advertisement was banned once prison rights groups started speaking up. The new movie Let's Go To Prison will present us with the same problem.

Snippet of the description on rottentomatoes: "...what's been missing from the typical prison movie in his fresh, probing look at our penal system—rife with plenty of sweet, cloistered, man love. "

1. Write to Universal Pictures Here
2. Tell the Boston Globe to Stop Advertising the Movie on
3. Write a letter to the editor and make phone calls to newspapers asking them to stop advertising the movie


Laurel said...

This looks like a perfect exhibition of how so many men define their male identity simply as "not-women". Very sad it's being set up as a laugh-along movie theme. I think there are clear connections between male identity problems, mysogeny and homophobia. They're all of a piece. I can only hope that this movie will be seen as "going too far" and reviled, but i suspect instead it'll just reinforce the worst in those who push others down in order to elevate themselves.

Jason Lydon said...

hey all... i'm trying to organize some sort of action outside of the common theater on friday evening. likely around 7:30pm. not sure if you're interested or want to talk about it, but i want to do something. also please check out sometime and see the amazing work they do around sexual violence in prisons/jails/youth detention centers. i have made a whole bunch of resources about queer folks in prison. a lot of it is specifically about sexual violence but other issues as well. i would love to hear from anyone at any point with thoughts, ideas, reflections, or if you have questions.
jason lydon

Laurel said...

here's a timely article on a rare case of an in-prison rapist being taken to court for his crimes.

Benaiah said...

I found this on Google, but I have to say, this post is pretty bigotted. LGTP is not a prison rape movie, as much as it looks like it on trailers. Plus, it features a very sweet gay romance, so if anything, I would say this is the most queer friendly movie of the year.