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my first caucus experience

I am happy to report that everyone at my caucus in the South End of Boston (ward 4) was a strong supporter of Deval Patrick.

Unfortunately I did not win as a delegate, but I did win as an alternate. I guess it's a good start considering I was a newbie.

One thing I found frustrating was that I am expected to pay a fee, drive to worcester, and stay in a hotel. Now if our party is going to be welcoming and open to diversity and working class people, why not have a one day convention in a more accessible location? (amendment: the party does offer a fee waiver application and there is a train to worcester...)

Most of the people at the caucus knew each other, and the caucussing is a little bit confusing. But I think with a little young energy we could really get the word out and bring more folks into the process. Most of the people my age do not even know what a caucus is, and that is something our party should work on.



Anonymous said...

actually, you are wrong on all three counts:

1) you can ask the State Party for a fee waiver;

2) you can take the train to Worcester and save energy and;

3) you can show up by Saturday at 10, vote and go home, no hotel necessary


4) you could have not run and let someone else go who wants to be there!

by the way, which South End ward was that? 4 probably

Mark D. Snyder said...


Yeah it was ward 4. I was told at the caucus that we WERE required to be there for both days this year. Is that incorrect?

Yah, I know I know. I do plan on taking the train and then getting a ride to where I need to be, stayign with someone etc.

And HEY watch out there. There is no one who wants to be there more than me!

Pablo said...

Nothing official or important happens in Worcester on the night before the convention - except the PARTIES! (Yes, even in Worcester!)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got elected! Hope you'll consider Andrea Silbert for your LG vote, if you get called up!

Anonymous said...

we were reminded at our caucus that it is a two day convention, Friday night is for Kennedy, DeNucci as unopposed Dems, but the drop dead time for being in the Hall is 10 am Saturday, after which the real voting takes place, not that it's not fun to schmooze the night before.

anyway, congrats!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that so many Deval supporters are involved in the process, but I'm pretty sure Reilly will do fine in September. Caucus-goers are mostly activists, who tend to be more liberal than other voters. I don't think that caucus results really reflect the state as a whole, and I doubt Patrick can compete with Reilly in the primaries. But, I could be wrong.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I hope that Patrick can compete with Reilly in the primaries too... that is totally a concern. He sure is getting some good press from his success in the caucuses and such.

Also I wouldn't be shocked if Obama and/or Clinton came here to campaign for him.

woostachic said...

As a resident of Worcester, I hope that you do come and party with us at the Convention in June. I'll be partying and talkin politics at our local gay bar, Rage ;p

Mark D. Snyder said...

Cool! That sounds fun!