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march 18: unite against poverty, racism, & war

Join the queer contingent in the historic march and rally against poverty, racism, and war on March 18th, the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Gather at 11AM at Dudley Common (Blue Hill Ave & Dudley Street). We will march into/through Boston and end at Government Center.

Official Demands of the March:

  • End ALL Occupations
  • Defund the Pentagon - $$$ for Jobs, Housing, AIDS, Healthcare & Education
  • Military Recruiters OUT of Our Schools
  • Justice & Reparations for Hurricane Katrina Survivors
  • Union Jobs - A Living Wage - the Right to Organize
  • Defend Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Stop the War Against the Black, Latin@, Arab & Muslim Communities
  • Stop Racial Profiling & Police Brutality
  • Stop the Attacks on Undocumented & Immigrant Workers & Students
  • Stop the War on Women & Lesbian, Gay, Bi,Trans People
  • Equal, Quality Education is a Right

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