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deval patrick rally

Today my boyfriend and friends were lucky enough to get inside the Deval Patrick Rally. It was great, although I was hoping for a huge surprise guest. I guess Obama will have to come to MA another time.

The opening speaker gave a pretty bland speech. She was "new to politics." Her story, and the idea that Deval was inspiring people to get involved in the political process, was made an example and theme throughout.

Devals' speech was excellent albeit a tad repetitive. He made it very clear that he has not just a vision for the commonwealth but a real strategy and plan to make our state a better place. He did a good job explaining his important work at Coke and Texaco. However, if I were him, I would refrain from calling Texaco and Coke "great companies." When he said that Texaco was a great company I almost threw up a little in my mouth.

Deval stood firm on gay rights, pointing out a married couple sitting up front. He did a great job framing the issue as keeping the government out of people's relationships. He also spoke about those living in poverty, and those who are most vulnerable. His support for universal healthcare drew thunderous applause.

Expectedly, the audience was primarily white. The SEIU had a large presence in the hall. Boston's first Asian city Councilor Sam Yoon and his wife sat up front with their adorable children.

Deval has the energy and the vision to lead this state. I hope and pray people wake-up and unite behind this extraordinary leader - the only true leader in the race.

Looking forward to the convention...

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Aaron said...

Obama is giving the comencement speech at Umass Boston June 2, so maybe he'll turn up at the convention.