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Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Make Boston History: Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform! Oppose Anti-Immigrant Legislation!

MONDAY, March 27, 2006
5pm, Park Street T

The National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities and MIRA invite you to join our public demonstration seeking comprehensive immigration reform.

Over the last two weeks, millions of immigrants and supporters of immigrant rights have marched across the country to oppose anti-immigrant legislation being debated in Congress and demand comprehensive immigration reform. WILL YOU HELP BOSTON MAKE HISTORY ON MONDAY?

We will gather at 5PM at Park Street and will walk to Tremont Temple at 6PM. For more information, call 617-350-5480, x205

Note from Although they have a progressive history, the Tremont Temple is the congregation who's leadership has taken a turn to the far extreme right-wing. They hosted the anti-gay "Love Won Out" Conference organized by the racist, sexist, homophobic Bush Advisor James Dobson this fall. We urge you to attend the rally but make your own decision about entering that establishment.

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It's great to be Anti-Queer