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scissor sisters bored with gay conformity

The lead singer of the Scissor Sisters is sick of gay conformity. When speaking about an Out Magazine event he said, "The event reminded me of how bored with the gays I've become. ... A lot of the gay mainstream is so desperate to assimilate into straight culture that they've turned into their own high school principals, except with a spoonful of ketamine up their nose on the weekends."


jason said...

could this be any more true???!!!! why is it that the answer to everything is to get married or be monogomous or jump to the suburbs and be white, rich, and fiscally conservative? what happened to queer meaning radical, dare i even say anarchist? i guess it probably never really meant that, but let's make queer mean anit-racist, anti-patriarchy, anti-statist, pro-love, pro-justice, and so on and on. forget the assimilationist homo's. let's be part of a real revolution!!!!

hi said...

I agree with jason but Scissor Sisters is racist. I used to like them until I heard "Monkey Baby." They lost a fan.