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Boston's "Liberty Sunday" Exposed!

On October 15th the radical right-wing congregated at the Tremont Temple in Boston for their Liberty Sunday event. Mitt Romney spoke alongside Tony Perkins who has spoken in front of white supremecist groups, and Alan Chambers who refers gay teens to dangerous and discredited conversion camps. Ironically Tremont Temple was the first integrated church in America, the first to speak out on abolition, and the first church in New England where the emancipation proclamation was read.

" of the more provocative displays by Liberty Sunday protesters was a banner held by members of featuring a photo of Family Research Council president Tony Perkins in 1997, when he was still a Louisiana state representative. The photo shows Perkins addressing a meeting of the Louisiana Council of Conservative Citizens (CC of C), a white supremacist group..." - BayWindows

Liberty Sunday Response: Video Montage by Beth Long


More Coverage of Liberty Sunday:

"Another speaker took issue with a conservative religious view of liberty in the Bible having much, if anything, to do with sex. 'Liberty, in my Christian tradition, real liberty is concrete," said Cambridge resident Brian Rainey of, a full-spectrum GLBT advocacy organization. "Liberty is tied to poverty and the liberation of disenfranchised people," he added. "When someone violently rips [liberty] out of its theological context, using it to support a political agenda which has nothing to do with [the interests of the poor and dispossessed], we should stand up and say something.' " - InNews Weekly

“The Family Research Council is actively trying to align itself with black communities and black churches, and we think it’s important that these churches understand that Tony Perkins does have ties with white supremacy … I’m not exactly sure that these are the types of groups or people that black churches and the black community want to associate with,” said Carlo Baca, a activist holding the banner. - BayWindows


John Hosty said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I caught an email alert from Chris Mason regarding this, and we have both posted it on our own websites. I posted this as a comment on and I am going to see if I can convince KTN to be in attendance.

The conference leaders seem to be withholding the time of this conference, which is slated 7:00pm to 8:30pm in case anyone missed it.

The most important part of this vigil is for us to maintain our peacefulness. I am sure the reason they chose to come to Boston we the near riot we had last year during "Love Won Out". What they want is some fresh footage to create fear in the rest of the states prior to elections. If you watch their video it even mentions the upcoming elections. There is little mystery here as to what they are up to, so let's make sure we don't give it to them. Instead we can turn the tables by showing America the opposite of fear... love!

Mark D. Snyder said...

Last year we had a very successful protest in which we united many groups including anti-war groups, gay groups, and others. It was not a riot no matter how much the right would like to portray it that way. Bostonians just aren't used to real protests.

I understand and value the idea of having a peaceful protest this time around however.

Steven Keirstead said...

This seems to be a church holding an explicitly political event. I hope that Tremont Temple will be paying taxes of fees that The FRC paysthem and any in-kind services they donate to the event.

Anonymous said...

we should research the laws around that steven... want to volunteer?

Andrea said...

There's a good writeup about all the participants, including Tremont Temple's pastor, in Bay Windows today.

Boo said...

"Tremont Temple & The Racists An Exclusive Report by Carlo & Brian"

Good essay, except the NARTH guy's name is Gerald Schoenewolf, not Gerard.