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Grace Ross Uncensored

On Sunday night Grace Ross joined me on instant messenger for a late night/early morning am chat. She responded to Bay Window's criticisms and talked about legalizing marijuana, the ballot questions, her thoughts on Deval, and much much more! Read the entire interview here.

"... since Patrick is not really addressing racism and Healey, not sexism and none of them economic divide issues - there is lots to cover..."

On Immigration: " Patrick just waffles… like on many things...."

"If everyone who had ever worked for something important had waited to be told they could win, we would still have slavery, no public education, most of us still would not have the vote, not worker protections or social security, and we'd still be subjects of England I think"

On public transportation and the big dig: "Common sense - the state had a contract, they were suppose to deliver a bill of goods - they did not. and then the other candidates talk about running the state like a business - which business - Enron? Wal-Mart?"

Read the entire interview here>

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From the Boston Herald:
"Grace Ross gave an extensive interview recently with gay/lesbian Web site, during which she spoke about a plan to legalize and tax drugs and her battle with a South End publication that doesn’t consider her “out” enough. Ross has butted heads with editors at the gay weekly Bay Windows who have criticized her for not playing up the fact that she is the first openly lesbian candidate for governor. In the QueerToday interview, Ross shot back that the newspaper hasn’t endorsed her and criticized the gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgendered media as a whole for lax coverage. “How out I am is partly up to the GLBT media,” Ross said. “If they want me out it is a significant percentage in their hands.” Ross also revealed a list of her “heroes,” who included lesbian poet Audre Lorde, feminist Barbara Deming, Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nat Han, Tiananmen Square protester Chai Ling and . . . Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner. Turner once released porn pictures to the media that he falsely claimed were evidence of rapes of Iraqis by American soldiers. "


Anonymous said...

She doesn't seem to pin herself down to issues either, so why criticize Deval for that?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a queertoday IM conversation like this with Patrick?

Mark D. Snyder said...

We'll try...

Owen R. Broadhurst said...

"anonymous" asserted that Grace Ross does not "pin herself down to issues".

She, however, has never shied from being quite detailed and explicit regarding issues. Please refer to her website:

Anonymous said...

I am curious, anonymous--on what issues do you feel that Grace hasn't tied herself down?