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Tremont Temple, Liberty Sunday, & Racism

Photo: Tony Perkins at a meeting for the Council of Conservative Citizens - found in their newsletter the Citizens Informer - Vol. 28 Summer 1997, page 7.

Carlo and Brian of have drafted an article exposing the racism of the leaders of the Liberty Sunday event held today, and attended by Mitt Romney, at the Tremont Temple. Click Here to Read the Entire Report...

Summary of Findings:

1. Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf, Scientific Advisory Board member for the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH) made racist comments in a recent paper posted to the NARTH website. This paper was taken down due to outcry from the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as other groups. Joseph Nicolosi, President of NARTH was featured at the Love Won Out, anti-gay conference at Tremont Temple.

2. In 1996, Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, and featured Liberty Sunday speaker was implicated in a cover-up involving the purchase of a mailing list from former Imperial Wizard of the KKK and neo-Nazi sympathizer David Duke.

3. Perkins also spoke *twice *in front of the white supremacist Council of ConservativeCitizens (CCC), once in 1997 and once in 2001.

3a. Perkins spoke in front of the CCC a second time--well after a 1998 scandal involving Sen. Trent Lott and Rep. Bob Barr, who were publicly chastised for speaking in front of the CCC, and In 1997, he spoke in front of a Confederate flag specially designed to represent white supremacy (see pic above)

4. Both in regards to Duke's mailing list, and his speaking engagements for the CCC, we believe the evidence shows that Perkins is either one of the most ignorant and unobservant people on earth, or he knew what he was doing when he made these connections with white supremacists.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...and all this time I thought that Deval Patrick was the real racist?

Didn't he defend a school for firing a white woman because she was/is white?

Drawing these sketchy lines in the sand is useless. You have no real evidence, no true facts, only conjecture, suppositions, and What-If's.

Anonymous said...

Deval Patrick was a defense lawyer, it was his job to uphold fair trials.

Brian Rainey said...


Thank you for giving us a preview of how right-wingers are going to respond to this. Your post shows that they will:

1. Try to change the subject and
2. Make vague references to "no evidence" without actually talking about the subject matter we've compiled.

1. This is not about Deval Patrick. This is about people like Perkins with connections to racism. I don't care about Deval Patrick, and I have a personal antipathy for the Democratic Party.

2. We have plenty of "real" evidence. You can read Gerard Schoenewolf's essay yourself. Perkins DID speak in front of the CCC TWICE. Pickering actually DID defend the "Southern way of life" and denounce civil rights activists. Our argument with Perkins is that he is either incredibly stupid and stunningly unobservant or he knew what he was doing. Now, if he wants to admit to the former, by all means, he can. I still think there's more evidence of the latter.

John Hosty said...

We should start using our websites to defend and promote Deval Patrick. Even though everybody knows what a mudslinging campaign is, it is still effective, and it has made him lose as much as ten points recently. We can't afford to let this get close. If we use our strength in unity we can make a difference. Are you up for this Mark?

Mark D. Snyder said...

Hey John,

The members of the queertoday team will not get into the business of unanimously endorsing candidates, however each of us are welcome to post on anything we choose. As you know I was a Deval Delegate. Love Grace Ross, but my support still lies with Deval especially during these attacks.

You are welcome to send me a guest post in support of Deval.

And I will encourage the others to post about the attacks on Deval which I think we can all definately agree are outrageous - even racist.

Kerry Healey is in bed with the far right and that needs to be exposed as well. I mean hello - she has an endorsement from the NRA!

Boo said...

You might also note that while NARTH took the Schoenewolf essay off its website, the individuals who run the NARTH blog continued to defend it over there, and Nicolosi subsequently put up an interview where Schoenewolf defends the piece and claims that "liberal groups" are censoring him.

Aaron said...

She was endorsed by the Gun Owners Action League, not the NRA.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I took this as an endorsement: