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As published in In Newsweekly Thursday, Jan. 15:

Last week some members of the gay community criticized those of us who were outraged over the blatantly homophobic advertisement that Snickers aired during the Super Bowl. They said we overreacted. They said we were acting too flamboyant and whiny. And the editor of my own paper wrote an entire column supporting the idea that our community should follow the example set by Mass Equality and just "calm down."

Another writer for In Newsweekly called the Snickers ad "great," and criticized the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for spending precious money and resources to object to it. How much time and money does everybody think it takes to shoot out a press release or post a blog entry? How can writers and editors of major LGBT publications promote such complacency? Continue Reading>


Tom Lang said...

Calm down Mark, calm down.

I just read Jim Lopata's editorial.

Holy crap. It is amazing isn't it, how the anti-gays and those who really don't care about our rights keep telling us that if we continue to call them "bigots" we will hurt our chances to change people's minds about us. Interesting that they are so helpful for our cause.

Mark, what does one call a person who makes racist jokes or says things like, "I really wouldn't want my daughter to marry an African American"?? Or is there a word fro someone who says things like, " a woman really isn't capable to run this country, she would get too emotional and probably doesnt have the intellectual capability for that sort of job."?? And then there is, "you young people need to mature, do your time, earn your place before (adults) will listen to you, you are too young to know anything that is helpful to us."

There are words to describe those people AND there is a word to describe someone who thinks LBGT shoud find a compromise regarding rights, that we are making a choice, or are immoral. There is a word and I for one will continue to use it.

I am busy now trying to find the word to describe a gay man who buys into equivocation for his own kind and wants us all to "calm down."

Any suggestions?

Paddy said...

I agree the Snickers Ad sucks-
HRC are clearly more in- tuned to capitalizing on raising funds from rich folks than dedicating their concern for an end to homophobic fearmongering.

But what I really wanna know is:
What does everyone elso think of

"shirley q. liquor"

And the setback for race relations that HE represents?