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Stop Shirley Q. Liquor!

Connecticut has cancelled a scheduled performance(innews) by Shirley Q. Liquor (wiki) the drag character played in black-face by a white gay male for predominately white gay male audiences. Congrats to the Ban Shirley Q Now (myspace) group that recently played an important role in protesting this racist idiot.

This is just further evidence that there is so so so much work to be done within the LGBT community as far as issues of racism and social justice go - and there is a total lack of leadership on these issues when it comes to organizations like HRC who so far, not surprisingly, has remained silent on the issue of Shirley Q. Liquor. NGLTF has joined the nationwide movement to ban Shirley. GLAAD has also condemned the racist. Unfortunately Shirley apologist RuPaul doesn't seem to get it.

As I so often ask our community about issues of injustice - where the fuck is the outrage?


Paddy said...

shirley q. liqour and his inventor enrage me!

it enrages me to see white lgbt people supporting this looser!

this isn't "drag", it's a nineteenth century white minstrel show. It's disgusting to see how easy it is for white gays with money to quickly forget that they are MINORITIES.

As a reminder to you gays, it is generally frowned upon to make fun of minorities. It is especially unfair when white men (gay or straight) make fun of black women.

And since when is it funny to laugh at poverty?

Anonymous said...

I think the gay community AND the African American Community have a lot of work to do. I find it strange that you only find fault with the gay community when the African American community is working/rallying/ to take away your civil rights.

I also questions why RuPaul, who is African American is a supporter of Shirley Q. Liquor (I had never heard of her/him before).

don said...

You're posting your ignorance on the wrong blog anonymous. Your generalizations are factually wrong, and your analysis elementary.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Knipp is a comedic genius and his satires of racial stereotypes never fail to make me laugh almost to the point of tears (he also satirizes typical white trash).
You can take your self-righteous (and self-important!) outrage and shove it, Mark D. Snyder.

Zenobia said...

As a black woman I am rather offended that you feel the need to lump all black women into one category. I have seen Shirley Q Liqour and I DO NOT feel that I am being made fun of. I feel as though he is portraying a specific character of his own creation that while having some basis in a specific race or gender. It is also based in the dialect of a specific region, class level, educational background, etc. She is not representive of the ENTIRE race and gender. The notion that black people should be offended by this is what I find racist and offensive, as if all black people are the same and this character is somehow based in a universal black character flaw. Please stop it. I am infinitely more offended by the assumption that Shirley Q Liquor is making fun of black women. One type of black woman is not EVERY type of black woman. Maybe you should check your own race issures before you point the finger at someone else.

c. madison said...

PREACH it Zenobia, girl. I think you got it SPOT ON. I think Shirley Q is HILARIOUS. The racism is the assumption that this is what all black people are like.


R. Todd said...

GO zenobia and GO c. madison.

shirely q is quite funny and has been very active promoting our community. (FYI, our community is inclusive of everyone, not just african americans and caucasians)

also, contrary to what you report, generally her audiences consist of a culturally diverse (and well educated) group of people...both male and female

why don't we keep our focus on the REAL enemy? EXTREMIST conservatives and religious zealots. these folks continue to manipulate the laws of our constitution to vilify everyone that doesn't fit their within their religious and poltical agendas.

but i suppose i still would like to ask this question. if an african american female were responsible for this type of humour, would it still be considered racist? what about jeff foxworthy. he seems to enjoy ridiculing poor white families. is that racism?

let's stay focused on the REAL issues. getting OBAMA OR CLINTON into the white house.

Mark D. Snyder said...

R Todd:

She uses racism for laughs regardless of who her fans are.

You are asking irrelevant questions, and trying to change the topic to justify her racist sense of humor.

And if you knew anything about queertoday you would know where our priorities lie.

PS Clinton was a college republican, voted for the war, cluster bombs, and nafta. gross.

Chris said...

I am a gay man...and I think Shrley Q is a comedic genius. The problem I have with the so called gay community is there is so much talk of "tolerance" but there is for the most part no tolerance for anything or anyone else outside the gay community.Gays feel so oppressed yet have no idea what oppression really means. Gay men are for the most part are only concerned about one thing..... themselves and their pursuit of their so called rights and pleasures, and I am the worst offender. We treat each other much worse than anyone else treats us, Instead of attacking Shirley how about being proud of him as a gay brother....go have another cocktail and get over yourself.

Mark D. Snyder said...


First, you're defending a minstrel show.

Second your assuming all gays have the same experience as upper class white men who live in a certain gentrified neighborhood.

The queer community is so much more.