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Exclusive! Boston Gay Nightlife News

This month marks the end of an era for Boston's gay nigthlife scene. For all of the complaints we may have about these clubs, they have been a part of our history. I remember going to Axis Monday nights when I was 18 and feeling so accepted. Then I started handing out condoms and safer sex information to the clubbers through BAGLY. And finally, I met my partner on the Axis dance floor three years ago this week.

So here is the scoop! Avalon, Axis, and Embassy are all moving their gay nights. Emersonians will be delighted to know that they will have easy access to all three of the new nights which will be moved to The Estate and Suite, recently remodeled clubs in the Alley at 1 Boylston Street.

The new Axis Monday club night and drag show will be at Suite on October 1. Avalon Sundays will be moving to The Estate, and Embassy Glamorous Life Thursdays will move to Suite as well.

Avalon Saturdays will be at Epoch, previously the Roxy.

And now the exclusive QueerToday nightlife news, the dyke-a-licious and oh-so-loveable Susan Esthera
is making a big glamorous nightlife announcement of her own tomorrow. She is launching her own Thursday night due to her recent, sad departure from Axis/Embassy. Admission will be free on the first night.

And for those of you who are not 21, do not fret. Shine in Cambridge has you covered on at their new 19+ "Manic Monday" night.

Now, where to preparty for the Monday club nights? Jacques of course. We just learned that on the 1st and third Mondays of the month Perestroika and The Jaded lounge will be from 9-11pm. And you can walk to Suite from there or take the T to Shine.

Also, on September 30th the folks of BUZZ will revive the Sunday night T-dance in Boston at Gypsy bar, also right next to Emerson College.

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