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2007 Canadian Blog Awards - We Won!


We, meaning I and everyone who reads and voted for Gay Persons of Color, won the Best GLBT Blog prize at the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards as presented by the lovely Nina Arsenault!

Congrats to the other fine nominees Slap Upside the Head, Screw Bronze!, Queer-Liberal, and Montreal Simon, and thanks to the organizers of the Awards, who spent hours of their valuable time on the production.

Here's to all gay persons of color - intricate, constant, and necessary threads in the fabric of contemporary society!

With much gratitude,


Mark D. Snyder said...

Congrats James! We're proud to have you apart of the QT team!

gay person of color said...

Thanks Mark for all of your kindness and support,

Jake said...

big congrats to you and everything that you do!!!