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Super Bowl Ads Recap: Racist & Transphobic

GLAAD can't see that the Pepsi ad starring Justing Timberlake is Transphobic. I received an e-mail from GLAAD today thanking me for alerting them to the transphobic Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl: "We address the ad in question, as well as the other LGBT-inclusive commercials that aired during the Superbowl, in our blog. " But on the GLAAD blog they ask, "In one spot, Justin Timberlake's pal, SNL's Andy Sanberg, briefly plays himself as a Justin stalker in a Britney wig. Gay? Trans? C, none of the above?What's clear is that there isn't really a Snickers ad in the bunch. " I guess that is what we should expect from an organization that hired a Log-Cabin Republican for their director.

In addition to the Trans and Queer-Phobic ads, several racist commercials created by a Clinton friend and insider have also caused a stir.

And Carlos Mencia brought us this little racist gem:

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad: Immigrants with Carlos Mencia

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