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Guerrilla Queer Bar to Take Over Faneuil Hall Bar

Boston: Guerrilla Queer Bar takes over predominately straight venues.

Call your grandmother and rally your friends...Get ready for GQB's biggest takeover yet!

This friday at 9pm, we'll be taking over the nation's oldest bar - The Bell In Hand. While we're sure they've seen plenty in their 213 year history, they ain't seen nothin' yet!

The party starts at 9pm, but with our numbers there's sure to be a line, so show up early.

Its right in the Quincy Market area, so you can get there easily from either the Government Center or the Haymarket T Stops."


Jennifer said...

What a riot! Have a drink for me and the rest of the SF Queertoday contingent.

kat0189 said...

Indeed, sounds like a riot (figuratively speaking – not in the Stonewall sense), but the copious amount of money that this bar probably made as a result of the event makes it difficult for me to perceive it as transgressive. I imagine this bar’s usual clientele consists of white, well-mannered, college-educated, middle class professionals indulging in a night cap after a 9-5 at their well-paying, full benefits, stellar 401k plan, jobs. This ‘queer’ gesture seems more of an attempt to align with, assimilate to, and be accepted by this hegemonic lifestyle model, in aspiration toward attaining social upward mobility, but within the same oppressive structural framework. To me, it’s just another example of ‘queers’ representing themselves as potent consumers (in this case, the bottom line of alcoholic beverage transaction revenue forgives the minor blunder to the bar’s image) in order to encourage more commercial ballyhooing toward a homonormative gay, white, male, middle class, community. In other words, this doesn’t open up more spaces to queers in general, but only to queers with the means and desire to comply with the protocols of heteronormative recreation and leisure markets.