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Sally Kern's Troubled Theology

The infamous Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (left) has gotten a lot of attention, so she is a perfect example of the dangers of anti-gay theology. I've written a fairly lengthy theological essay responding to some of her bigoted ideas. To save space, I've only posted an excerpt here. You can read the rest of the essay at Queertoday2.

"To suggest that the values of a ancient West Asian monarchy (i.e. ancient Israel) or texts written in an imperial Roman dictatorship (i.e. the New Testament) should be simply applied to a modern, post-industrial society is absurd and dangerous. Too many people have suffered and died because literalists refused to leave ancient customs and assumptions in the ancient world. But it is no surprise that right-wing bigots like Sally Kern would want to preserve as many values from authoritarian, hierarchical societies as possible...."

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