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love won out attendee thanks protesters

From The Advocate Magazine

I would like to thank the citizens of Boston for their support during a difficult time in my life. I recently attended a Love Won Out “ex-gay” conference there. My mother wanted me to go, and to show her that I loved her, I did. I told her I wasn’t going to change but would listen to the conservatives’ point of view.

As I walked into the conference, there were gay protesters outside, chanting, “Hate is not a Boston value.” As a 20-year-old gay man, I felt embarrassed and ashamed going into this church while my fellow LGBT people were protesting outside.


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Anonymous said...

wow this is so amazing to hear this story... thanks for putting this up here Mark, and thank you Thomas Moleski - blessings to you!

- Amatul
Oct 29th organizer
Artists for Peace and Justice