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who was jesus the man?


Tyler Dawbin said...

Straight Controversy.

Jesus was (and still is) God.

God said many things in His Word, including many things about homosexuality being a sinful act (as is fornication, idolatry, drunkenness, etc.).

Jesus was not a sinner, He was the Lamb of God.

C'mon...this is just insanity to even post such garbage. He MAY have been a vegetarian, and most likely had some liberal (as well as conservative) ideals, but Jesus was most definitely not gay (or, more accurately, homosexual).

Rocky said...

What would you anti-Christian bigots know about Jesus? You want to get rid of him! And to believe anything that fascist PETA tells you is completely outrageous!

You can't be homosexual AND Christian!

John Hosty said...

Are you going to come over my house and take away my right to be Christian now too? We don't need the permission of some know-it-all self absorbed little weasel like yourself to make us Christian. The teachings of Christ are there for anyone to follow if they choose, you have no say in the matter. God loved us so much that when the word became flesh He didn't lift a finger to harm even those that tortured and killed Him. Do you know what He did Tyler? He FORGAVE and LOVED them. You should try it sometime, you might get over yourself. I think if Christ can forgive murderers then gays are safe so long as their actions are from love.