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Please join the online campaign to STOP THE EXECUTION OF STAN TOOKIE WILLIAMS!

He is scheduled to be executed by the state of California TUESDAY DECEMBER 13.
Send emails to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bush, Congressional leaders and Senators and Representatives from Texas, U.N. Secy General Kofi Anan and your senators and representative, DEMANDING that Tookie's execution be stopped IMMEDIATELY

Go to:

to send your own message or have the following email sent in your name:

Governor Schwartzenegger, President Bush, Secretary-General Annan, Senators and Representatives:

On Tuesday, Dec 13, 2005, Stan Tookie Williams, an innocent man convicted by prejudicial prosecutorial misconduct, is scheduled to be executed by the State of California.

I appeal to you to grant clemency to Stan Tookie Williams and to take immediate action to reverse the miscarriage of justice in his case.

Stan Tookie Williams is innocent. No physical evidence tied him to the crimes. Blatantly discriminatory conduct by the prosecutor barred all 3 prospective African Americans from the jury. The same prosecutor has been censured twice by the California State Supreme Court for unconstitutionally striking Black prosective jurors in two other capital cases. Major witnesses against him were themselves criminals who had charges dropped or received lesser sentences in exchange for their testimony, according to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Stan Tookie Williams has devoted his time while on death row to writing books aimed at ending gang violence and helping youth avoid gang involvement. He has been nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace and Literature prizes. This summer he received a service award from President Bush for his work with youth.

Stan Tookie Williams execution would be a continuation of the war on African American youth that can be seen in the government's negligent response to Hurricane Katrina, and the overwhelming numbers of African American youth in jail around the country. His conviction was the product of racist discriminatory prosecutorial misconduct. His execution would be a crime against justice, African Americans and African American youth in particular, and all justice-loving people everywhere.

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