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dobson reacts to our protest

Focus On The Family reported on our protest in the January issue of their "Citizen Magazine." They used the photos provided to them by the tapered pant wearing pied piper of hatefulness Amy Contrada (see photo) of Mass Resistance and the Article 8 Alliance.

It isn't surprising that Focus waited this long to report on our protest. Like all of the other right-wing organizations they will use this protest over and over and over again - pretending that it happened yesterday and distorting the truth more and more. Article 8 is still talking about the walkout we held at the Cathedral in the South End in the summer of 2003.

The entire report in their Citizen Magazine was off-base particularly the part about racism. We know that the Tremont Baptist Church is a historically anti-racist and progressive church. What we were saying is that it is outrageous that they invited people/organizations to their church who have direct links to the KKK and other racist organizations. The report also said that the police were shaken. Actually the police were visibly cold, tired, and bored.


Bill said...

nazi's are coming to Boston saturday jan 14. to protest MLK day. maybe you can post a blog encouraging people to join the counter-protest? link to info below. thanks, great website.

Rocky said...

You hate the KKK, yet you defend Robert Byrd. That doesn't make sense!