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my queer agenda '06

Here's a look at an exciting new book I can't wait to read! It seems to cover every topic we here at chit chat about... you know.... racism in the lgbt movement, protesting war, genderfucking, and the like.

In this new year I hope that we queers are able to publish more books, perform more, run for more government positions, take to the streets more, and demand a revolution in the gay community - and in this country. I also hope we force ourselves to laugh more and well....we need to legalize pot so that people living with cancer or HIV/AIDS can smoke it with pride... and so we can have those adorable little "coffee" shops like in Amsterdam. We need to abolish the governmental system of marriage all together and provide as many health and well-being benefits as possible to all people who are related through blood or through love.... We need to make real affirmative action a requirement in all hiring situations in this country. We need to guarantee that our government looks and talks like the people it represents. We need to outlaw the brainwashing of our children to conform to a binary gender system. We need to make it socially unacceptable for Simon Cowell to make fun of the effeminate contestants on American Idol. We need to legalize pot. Oh wait I already said that, ston-i mean- silly me. We need to make sure every child has a good education, free from religious bias and full of scientific and self discovery. I'd like to force a mass exodus to the cities where people will work together to build environmentally friendly homes and use environmentally friendly public transportation... yeah! And all the restaurants will turn vegan. I would like to spark an end to the war on iraq and all wars and occupations throughout the world. I want to ask myself what would Gandhi do without sounding cliche'. Finally, I'd like to stop going to Starbucks all together because I'm actually going to Starbucks often while pretending that I rarely go. It's a sick addiction. SICK!

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