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saturday: take to the streets

Resist the Right Wingers!
Planned Parenthood, Allston

Resist the NAZIS!
African Meeting House, Beacon Hill

Activism Saturday kicks off in Allston where you are encouraged to block the right-wingers from intruding upon women who are seeking accurate health information from Planned Parenthood.

** CLINIC ACTION ** 8:30 am to 11:30 am Saturday, Jan. 14Outside Planned Parenthood in Allston - 1055 Commonwealth Ave. (near Pleasant St. T-stop) Wear pink! RSVP:

This Saturday a handful of nazis (the ones that held signs that said Aids Cures Fags at our Dobson Protest) will protest at the African Meeting House on Beacon Hill. Considering they are a small group of inarticulate idiots with very little power or recognition I almost hesitate to give them the publicity they crave.

At any rate there will be a counter protest that will surely chase them out of Boston once again.

January 14th - Noon
(Nazis plan to be there from 1-4 PM)
@ The African Meeting House
46 Joy St.
Beacon Hill - Boston


Rocky said...

Abortionists ARE Nazis! Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist and a racist who supported Hitler's idea of eugenics!

Anonymous said..., then why are they Protesting their "friends"... too many lost white babies or something.?


Boston Bud said...

I would suggest not even showing up to protest. These groups get their members from the coverage of their protests. The Southern Poverty Law Foundation suggests holding a peaceful demonstration somewhere else (i.e., not close to the Nazi's) to deflect attention from them. You are giving them what they want.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I agree to a certain degree. I'm going to go and observe what happens.

On one hand I think we should not protest them becuase it gives them more attention.

On the other hand I don't want to just sit back and allow Nazis to come into my neighborhood, I want to force them out.

Brian Rainey said...

Im not going to the protest, not for ideological reasons, but for time reasons (you gotta pick your battles).

The theory behind protesting Nazis is that you have to nip this particular menace in the bud and organize to stop it because if you allow them to organize, they will form street gangs and violent groups to KILL and HURT people of color, queers, Jews, etc. This is the history of these groups, despite attempts by people like David Duke to improve their image.

The point is to not allow them to get a foothold in the community, to not allow them to show their faces, or promote their propaganda openly. To concede the streets to the Nazis is playing with fire.