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Foreskin Shots?

Last night popular drag queen ChiChi La Rue was overheard at Fubar (a popular LA gay nightclub, also in attendance were Bobby Trendy of the Anna Nicole Show and porn star Chad Hunt) yelling "Who wants a foreskin shot?!". She then proceeded to fill porn star Jeremy Hall's cupped foreskin with tequila and offer shots for $20 a pop. For those of you who do not know, you can get herpes this way. We're all about sexual liberation, but be sure to know the risks before engaging in any penis puppetry.

Things to think/comment about: Should fubar be held responsible for herpes contracted from these particular foreskin shots? Should ChiChi? Is this even legal? Do you think it is okay to promote something like this in a bar? If not, what about dark rooms that are so popular in Europe? Are they different than this? What do you think?


Ryan Charisma said...

I think we're all adults if we're old enough to drink booze. Therefore, it's none of your business.

Maybe we could legislate against people's right to foreskin shots and have the senate vote on it?

Mark D. Snyder said...

Definately do not want to suggest this should be against the law, I have taken part in dark rooms and all that and I can't say I wouldn't take a foreskin shot after a few drinks in me! (some of those questions are just to spark some discussion)
But I'm also not so sure it's a great idea to be going around promoting them (foreskin shots) in a bar for some reason...maybe I'm uneasy about having really really drunk people seeing a penis in their face and a drag queen telling them a foreskin shot is a fabulous idea - without teling them the risks, and then taking a foreskin shot without really being in a frame of mind to make an informed decision. It's right there for you, pushed on you like a product, rather than something you need to make happen like if you decided to go to a place specifically for that reason, or you went into a dark room to hook up... yeah I'm a little conflicted about it.

Tom Lang said...


My insiders at the HRC are telling me that since your post the HRC is defending foreskin on the Federal level.

I appreciated this post so much, but Mark, with all due respect, a comment on this was not worth your time. ChiChi La Rue is not just a drag queen she is a porn producer and from what I have heard from people close to her, a formidable one. What do you expect??

If you have the need to talk about foreskin, there is a great new study that is suggesting that the NYC Health Department promote male circumcision in high risk populations to prevent against AIDS. Evidently, the study which looked at African males who have sex with women (vaginally and African meaning in Africa) suggests that removal of the foreskin is preventing HIV infection by upwards of 60%. The gay community has mixed feelings about this because, we are promoting safer sex and condom use and we do not want to suggest that removal of the foreskin should replace condom use in our community.

Can I buy you a drink sometime. LOL

Mark D. Snyder said...

See my circumcision post I made a few days ago... mabye foreskin is my new obsession lol
Thanks for the comments!

Tom Lang said...

Now I see that you did make an earlier post on the health aspect of foreskin removal, sorry about that.

BUT I have read over your Chi Chi La Rue post about 4 times. It really is funny. And Ryan's comment was priceless. Don't legislate foreskin!!!! Keep your laws off of my foreskin!!!!

We have to be careful. Jarrett Barrios picked up the 1913 Law and ran with it before he realized what it might due to the ConCon vote---one never knows, he may try to take on the foreskin lobby.

Just be assured, that I am 100% certain, that if you ever go into a dark room again, you won't be doing foreskin shots from Brian Camenker. Thank God for small miracles and Hebrew law.

Mark D. Snyder said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't tequila burn like hell if if got down into your urethra? Sounds stupid and dangerous. Herpes seems like the least of it. Ewwwwwwwwwwww