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Parents Education Foundation pulls in $80,000 in 2005

Brian Camenker of MassNutBags brings home $47,000 to spew hate!

Bay Windows top story states:

Yearly Revenue of the Parents Education Foundation:

2005: $80,220

2004: $21,760

2003: $8,150

2002: $32,650

They use the cover of Parents Education Foundation as their non-profit 501 © 3.

Also on the pay role is none other than Amy Contrada pulling in $6,000. So much for being a volunteer!

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(Great reporting Ethan Jacobs!)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Amy put in as much as Brian - why does she only get paid a fraction of the price?

Mark D. Snyder said...

maybe needs an "education fund" and maybe i need some additional salary? lol