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ABC News 20-20 Barbara Walters Program on Transgender Children

ABC News 20/20 is broadcasting a program hosted by Barbara Walters this
Friday night, April 27 on transgender children and their families. The
program will feature three families who are supporting their transgender
children, ages 6, 10 and 16 who live in different parts of the U.S., and
some of the health providers who are working with these families. The
program also describes new findings from the Family Acceptance Project
about how family acceptance and rejection affects the health and mental
health of young people who are gender non-conforming.


Anonymous said...

WOW, What a powerful view of these special children. I admire these families and pray that these and other transgender children will find their way and will know love in their life. As a mom of 4 children, I feel that we are called to love our children just as God made them- transgender, gay or straight. Kathy

Anonymous said...

every child is different, every set of circumstances and families that surround them are different, and no theory is going to help everyone of them. a boy I know was about 3 and loved to wear his sister's pink shoes. he preferred to be called a princess and loathed being called a prince, he liked to dance like a woman (better than most women I know), and was easily upset when he was playing a little game of sports where he'd get hit by a real soft ball. he looked like a sweet little girl, though at 3 that's not too unusual. his father read a book that gave some possible reasons why he didn't like to associate with his male identity. the author indicates that a boy needs to choose to be a boy, to say, "I want to be a boy. I want to be like daddy." he was away from his family, not by choice, for about 4 months when he was around 2-2.5. that may have interrupted the bonding and internal declaration(?). over the past 5-6 months, it's bizarre, but he's looking more like a boy in his mannerisms, and the games he likes to play, he seems to like his daddy a lot more as well. he's still a sensitive kid and very aware of how he's being treated and quite a little communicator at age 4. it's a theory that i found very interesting. my comments are not meant to hurt or offend anyone, because everyone's experience is different and every child is unique. only to share what i've seen and heard. God bless you.

Rolo said...

do you have an idea how to get the video of that show?

Patricia Eskovitz said...

I would very much like to get a copy of that 20/20 show or at least view it online. Can anybody help?