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HRC fires back

A local board member of HRC fired back in response to my letter (see below) to the editor last week. Click here to read her excuses for HRC supporting pro-war candidates.

HRC too cozy with GOP not the Dems
The Human Rights Campaign has been attacked for being closely aligned with Democrats (see “HRC Struggles To Find Its Footing In New Media,” March 15). The real problem with HRC is that they continue to endorse Republicans and conservatives like Joe Lieberman over more progressive choices like Ned Lamont. In doing so they have failed to stand up for social justice and helped to maintain the oppressive Republican majority for many years. They endorsed candidates who continue to favor the Iraq war, something our community is overwhelmingly against. Their mainstream imagery, over-prioritization of marriage, top-down organizing, belated support of trans people, wasteful spending and continual endorsements of conservatives should be enough reason to stop all donations to the group. I urge readers of Bay Windows to avoid HRC’s expensive dinners and concerts and instead donate to a local LGBT group in need or the slightly more social-justice oriented National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
Mark D. Snyder

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Christopher said...

I de-blogrolled the HRC from my blog after a series of angry exchanges with the HRC over their support of DINO Holy Joementum.

Ned Lamont was clearly the better candidate on gay and lesbian issues including gay marriage equity but, inexplicably the HRC chose to fellate Joementum.

They suck and not terribly well.