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A Family Doctor's Journey From Man to Woman

A great article and video from this week's Boston Globe Magazine. So inspiring. Part 2 is coming next Sunday.


Mark D. Snyder said...

This is a great story.

Let's also not forget that most trans folks don't have the money and privelage that comes along with being a doctor in Davis square.

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Mark D. Snyder said...

Also: She was never a man so the title of the article is rather sensationalized, as is the whole story. But at least the globe is trying..

alex said...

also, they way the hide/segment her body is kind of messed up. it's like seeing her body is the hook for part 1, and hopefully, in part 2 we'll get to see the truth that her body will tell us. we'll know just what kind of tranny this doctor really is. can (s)he "pass" for the "woman" (s)he wants to be? or will the body be forever read as a man?

messed up.

Jon said...

yea--i don't find this inspiring in the least really... i wish i did... the way that gender is essentialized and becomes this organic and revered thing that gets mapped onto biological sex makes me uncomfortable... instead of showing how a bunch of people accept/tolerate/approve of the doctor's sex operation, i'd rather see gender's role as an ultimately meaningful signifier put into question towards a real undoing of gender and real critique of this binary gender hellhole predicated on heteronormative morphological sex... blah

but i see what you mean--nice to see tolerance and equality--despite that i personally find it leaving much to be desired

thx for the post

Anonymous said...

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