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Today is Prisoner's Justice Day...

:: This FRIDAY August 10th is Prisoner's Justice Day (PJD)

Join us for Prisoner's Justice Radio - 12-hours of audio broadcasting
beyond bars from 7am to 7pm on Friday August 10th, produced by CKUT's
Prison Radio.

Prisoner's Justice Day (PJD) began in 1975 in Millhaven Penitentiary
(Kingston, ON) to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of
Eddie Nalon, a prisoner in segregation awaiting medical assistance.

Over the years, prisoners continue to recognize the day by fasting and
refusing work. Topics for this radio broadcast will include, families
in prison, race and poverty, immigration and "security", Queer/trans
prisoners, music and resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex, and
much more.

Tune into CKUT 90.3fm from 7am to 7pm THIS FRIDAY August 10th and
download the broadcast online at or


wannatakethisoutside said...

Has anyone successfully gotten a feed to this?

I am having trouble getting both these sites to work.

wannatakethisoutside said...

It's back up working agian. Sorry for the false alarm.

Noir2001 said...

Thanks for doing this site -- feeling a little less outré, a little more connected thanks to your efforts. Your eyes and ears will help me be a better advocate!

heather said...

if anyone would like to comment on the prisoners justice day programming this year, in general, in any shape or form for my Phd research please get in touch, thanks