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more queering of christianity

firstly, it's really unfortunate that the conservatives don't like talking about queering christianity. it's a joy not only for us queers but for everyone. as someone who doesn't identify as christian i still find the stories of jesus fun and the lessons important. queering them just makes it more enjoyable. i am a little sad that robert goss is so focused on being a man and male queer sexualities. it's so easy to queer christianity to be lesbian positive, trans-positive (which is needed at the moment) and bi-positive. really it's possible to queer all forms of religion if one wanted to. you can look up queer hindus, queer jews, queer muslims, queer buddhists, and on and on. but for our quotes this evening, i think robert goss might just be trying to shock folks sometimes, but so it goes....

In reference to his partner who died of AIDS complications, "There were times that I saw Christ's face within Frank's face as I penetrated him in intercourse As I was penetrated I felt penetrated by Frank and Christ. As I tasted Frank's body, I tasted Christ's body. We experienced a menage a trois and the inclusionary love of God."

"Many priests enjoy the masochism of submission to a Catholic top while defiant and out priests are stigmatized as fallen, no longer obedient to their hierarchical husbands."

In reference to the spiritual aspects of barebacking (which i'm still struggling with, but appreciating the theological challenge) "Recognizing that power is one of the ways I defy this virus [HIV], I believe in exchanging bodily fluids, not wedding rings." This quote is actually from Scott O'Hara

Quoting Montefiore, an Anglican, "if Jesus were homosexual in nature, then this would be further evidence of God's self-identification with those who are unacceptable to the upholders of 'The Establishment" and social conventions. The character of Jesus here discloses an important aspect of the nature of God, befriending the friendless, and identifying with the underprivileged"

The stories go on and on. I would encourage folks to check out this book, Queering Christ. I especially like that lots of folks have written that Paul may have actually been gay and that his writings in the Christian text about "homosexual behavior" was actually him acting out his internalized homophobia. Such a concept fills me with compassion for anti-gay zealots. Most of them, like St. Paul, are likely dealing with so much internalized homophobia. My heart goes out to them.

So, queers, lets queer up religion. (though it's likely that dismantling religion as a whole is the real answer, it seems to do far more bad than it does good... not so sure...."

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Mark D. Snyder said...


I enjoyed this post even more than the last. It's an exciting way for queer people, Chrsitian or not, to think about religion, analyze, and apply to society and our struggles with race, class, sexism, etc. today.

I would be interested in the "queering" of Buddhism and other religions if there are folks out there writing about such things.

I've seen a couple of queer buddhist books anyway.