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Stripped ENDA Moves Forward Against Community's Wishes

There are now almost 300 major LGBT and allied organizations voicing their opposition to Barney Frank's strategy to split ENDA. reports:

" Following the meeting the Human Rights Campaign said a commitment was made to send the stripped down version of bill - with the exclusion of protections for transsexuals or sexual identity - to a committee vote next week with a House floor vote to follow and that Pelosi had given assurances that as soon as there is enough support for amendments adding back in the protections for transsexuals that version would also be presented..........Frank last week said once the gay and lesbian portions of the bill were passed he would work to have transsexuals added. Only the Human Rights Campaign supported the tactic. Nine other major LGBT groups announced their opposition and by the end of the week the number had grown to almost 300.....The agreement worked out Friday between Pelosi and the HRC does little more than reaffirm Rep. Frank's earlier commitment to work for trans rights once the rest of ENDA is passed.....And it drew the immediate ire of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force."We completely disagree with this proposed strategy – it simply makes no sense," said executive director Matt Foreman in a statement. .....Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, also attended Friday's meeting with Pelosi but declined to sign on to the agreement reached with the HRC. "

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