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re: Iranian president's comment on having "no homosexuals"

CONGRATULATIONS to the Columbia Queer Alliance for their well-spoken follow-up on the Iranian president's commentary.

Andrew Sullivan, however, the most classic example of a homocon, and the embodiment of everything I fear the mainstream gay movement is right-wardly heading towards, used his bullshit surface-level discarding rhetoric to toss aside, as usual, those "crazy pomo overly-intellectualizing self-alleged radical bohemian theory-jargon-gender-*#&2!" queers that are siding with the IRANIAN ENEMIES who are un-American-ly killing off the gays:

Read Andrew Sullivan's comment here

SICK OF IT! Andrew Sullivan, homocons in general, and mainstream LGBTers continually use these strategies to further schism the "gay left" or more radical queer perspectives from the larger gay movement... these tactics and these unscathing arguments that do not examine the underlying issues critically will eventuate in nothing but further debilitating queer-related politics... sigh


Randy and Mike said...

I always go to this blog every day or so to read a more interesting perspective of the "news of the day". But lately it's becoming so nasty, the barney frank rant is an extreme example. I'm alittle old school, prefer courtesy as a first attack, and well guess I want to say thank you for the blog and good bye.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Jon, I agree. I'd love it if you could provide links to the articles and comments you discussed...

Sorry to see you go Randy & Mike.

QueerToday has always included a very diverse group of queer identified people who have always offered a diverse array of expression - everything from silly cartoons and anger filled rants to academic essays or news clippings.

Offline QueerToday blogavists have iniated and been involved in many historic protests and campaigns that have brought together wonderful friends and coalitions.

We'll keep on doin' what we do.