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Mark D. Snyder said...

1. He calls the 280 organizations in favor of a united ENDA "single issue groups." What!? NGLTF, Labor Unions, PFLAG... is he seriously calling them single issue, or did I misinterpret that?

2. I don't think Barney has bad intentions or is a bad person, I do think he's terribly misinformed and terribly old fashioned, ignorant and a bit transphobic, and terribly committed to a gradualist method of winning rights. I along with most of our community strongly disagree with him.

3. Barney, Barney, how could you imply that these protections won't protect you. A woman was just kicked out of a restaurant in NYC for being too butch. Don't you realize our entire community faces discrimination based on gender expression/identity all the time!? Maybe you don't because you are always wearing suits, but I thought you were a smart guy.

Trevor Wright said...


The video made me more upset.

Mark D. Snyder said...

"I have been a transgender activist for close to a decade now. I have had personal face to face discussions (sometimes somewhat heated) with Congressman Frank. It always ends with the bathroom issue with him. Barney has told me he sees no issue with gay men and straight men sharing restrooms and shower space together; yet he could never share that same space with a trans-man." - Janice Carney from InNewsWeekly Column this week