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Act Now! Help MTPC Win A Bunch of $$

The MTPC has issued a challenge! They are on the verge of winning a bunch of money from facebook and they need our help.

Click Here for their cause page on facebook. Even if you just give a dollar, you'll help their chances of winning.

"Facebook is awarding money to organizations with the most unique donors. They are giving away 50 $1000 grants every 24 hours. We are now in 5th place of all the causes on Facebook, with 3 hours to go. We are also in 5th place for the 50-day, $50,000 challenge, and are currently the LEADER in the $10,000 challenge - ahead of many other causes with many more members!"

Act now!


icarus said...


Thanks so much!

We are now in FOURTH place! Please spread the word!

Trevor said...

I just donated!!!