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Chavez Concedes Defeat: Democracy Alive & Well in Venezuela

Low voter turn-out, confusion, and apathy among Chavez's base gave him a narrow defeat last night. Chavez, who the international media portrays as a dictator, graciously conceded.

"I thank you and I congratulate you," said Hugo Chavez to his opponents. "I recognize the decision a people have made." - Chavez

The constitutional reforms would have made Venezuela the first country in South America to add protections based on sexual orientation. (

Caracas, December 3, 2007 - Venezuela's National Electoral Council Announced at 1:15am that the No vote against the President's constitutional reform proposal lost 49.3% to 50.7%, with 45% abstention. Chavez conceded that the reform proposal lost "for now."

The vote was divided into two blocks, whereby the first block included Chavez's 33 proposed article changes and the second block included changes proposed by the national assembly. The second block lost with a slightly higher margin, with 51.0% for "No" to 49.0% for "Yes". -

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