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Desmond Morris on male homosexuality

Pinknews is reporting that British zoologist, anthropologist, and best-selling author, Desmond Morris, has a new theory on the causes of male homosexuality. In The Naked Man: A Study Of The Male Body, Morris concludes that social rather than genetic reasons make men attracted to men.

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Question - Does knowing why we are gay alter our self-perceptions or somehow construct our identities in new ways?


Ryan Charisma said...

What a load of crap.

Carlo said...
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Carlo said...

I have to admit that this guy's theory sounds fishy, especially since it doesn't explain female homosexuality (assuming the two would have similar influences). That being being said, I'm not completely opposed to arguments that suggest sexual orientation is influenced by the environment. The development of physical and behavioral traits is understood to be a combination of environmental and genetic influences in modern science. I suspect that sexual orientation is included with that.

The reason I mention this is because I think our community sometimes clings unnecessarily to this idea that our orientation is solely genetic because of the argument from the opposition, that we 'choose' to be gay, which completely ignores the real issue of whether homosexuality is moral or immoral.

After all, What would it matter if we 'chose' to be homosexual if homosexuality isn't immoral. It would be as innocuous as deciding what to have for dinner.

alex said...

this guy's theories are not new. they endorse the same politics of nazi eugenics that infanitlize and pathologize same-sex desire. just because someone is coming at it from a pyschological as opposed to genetic perspective does not make them any less harmful or homophobic. he follows the same "scientific" trope of normalizing heterosexuality and renders all other forms of sexuality deviant and pathological.