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Justin Timberlake Stars in Queerphobic Super Bowl Ad

Last year we gathered hundreds of signatures in a petition against Mars Inc. for their blatently homophobic Snickers advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl. A few years before that we spearheaded a campaign to ban a homophobic prison themed 7UP Ad. This year we bring you Justin Timerlake's Pepsi commercial. When will advertisers stop putting men in dresses/wigs for a few cheap laughs?


Gunner said...

Actually it is using cross dressing as a punch line - so I would say it is transphobic...

Mark D. Snyder said...

It's absolutely transphobic! I'd also say queerphobic though too based on how I define queer - the person was queering gender, the character could have identified as a crossdresser, drag queen, or transgender etc. the very idea of a male doing anything outside of the hetero/dominant-norm was supposed to be a shock or create a laugh which = queerphobic as well as transphobic to me.

I certainly wouldn't want the outcome of using the term queerphobic to erase trans identity in anyway though if that's how it seemed.

Does that make sense?