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Unite on Martin Luther King Day!

Monday, January 21
2PM Park Street

Fund Dr. King's Dream
Cut the Military Budget
Use $ for Jobs Education, Housing & Healthcare
End the evils of militarism, economic exploitation & racism
--as Dr. King asked

Black, Latin@, Asian, Arab, Native & White
Together we're powerful-It's time to unite

Stop Immigrant Bashing
Lou Dobbs doesn't speak for working people
Stop the raids & deportations
An injury to one is an injury to all
Justice for Katrina Survivors
Stop the War - The One Abroad & The One Here

  • Remember Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo & all victims of police brutality Stop Police Brutality!
  • Stop the war against Black youth. Stop police invasions of Black youth's homes
  • From Imus to Lou Dobbs to WTKK to WEEI, racists off the air!
  • New Orleans to Roxbury: Stop pushing people out of their homes
  • Troops out of Iraq, Recruiters out of our schools
MLK DAY M:ARCH AGAINST RACISM COALITION (partial list): Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST); City Councilors Chuck Turner, Sam Yoon & Charles Yancey; Jean Mcguire, fmr Boston School Comm.*; Prof. Tony Van Der Meer, UMass Boston*; Frantz Mendes, Pres. USW 8751*; New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti; Voices of Liberation; Women's Fightback Network; Bishop Felipe Teixeira, OFSJC; Tony Hernandez, Organizer, IUPAT Painters Dist. 35*; Ahmad Kawash, Palestine American Congress*; Rev. Franklin Hobbes, Dir. Healing Out Land, Inc.*; Stonewall Warriors; RI Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Comm.; RI Poor Peoples Campaign; RI Peopls Assembly; Springfield Mobilization Against Poverty, Racism & War; International Action Center; Troops Out Now Coalition
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