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MassEquality Publishes 2008 Goals

Below are the goals MassEquality will be working on this year (from My first thought is that these goals seem worthy. I'd also like to see some real coalition and community building and anti-racism work on the list. Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
  1. Transgender Equality

    Transgender people in our communities should be able to work and live without fear of discrimination or harm.

    • Pass H1722, which would add gender identity and gender expression to existing non-discrimination laws affecting employment, housing, credit, public accommodations, public education and hate crimes.
  2. Equality for LGBT Youth

    Every young person, gay or straight, deserves to feel safe in their own school and have access to the resources they need to flourish and grow.

    • Increase funding for programs directed at LGBT youth, including the Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth and the Safe Schools Program.
    • Pass S.275, which would require school districts to set an anti-bullying policy.
  3. Equality for LGBT Seniors

    LGBT seniors deserve equal access to the benefits, protections, services and institutions available to any other senior.

    • Pass the MassHealth Equality Bill (H4107), which will grant married same-sex couples in MA the same access to Medicaid benefits as heterosexual couples.
    • Increase state funding for the LGBT Aging Project, which educates mainstream health and long-term care providers about the special challenges LGBT seniors face.
  4. Equality in HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention

    With the rate of HIV infections rising dramatically, particularly among young gay men and people of color, it's clear the fight against AIDS is far from over.

    • Increase funding for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs.
  5. Equality for LGBT Victims of Domestic Violence

    Everyone deserves to be safe in their home, but the special difficulties faced by LGBT people are often not properly understood or addressed by traditional service organizations.

    • Increase state funding for organizations which focus specifically on preventing domestic violence and providing support for victims of domestic violence within the LGBT community.

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Carlo said...

Okay, I know this is harsh, but why don't they just publicize their lack of focus as well.

I mean sure those are some grand ideas that would look good as a mission statement but what organization has the time to really tackle them all in ten years let alone one.

What they need to do is find something more concrete (some of those goals are too vague)that maybe touches on all those areas in someway, and focus a campaign around that. They can even build a decent strategy that will allow them to branch out to all those issues overtime as their organization grows.

They, however, can't and shouldn't focus a campaign on all those different areas at once because they will end up wasting resources and spreading their organization too thin.