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Log Cabin Republican$ Love Big Pharma

The Log Cabin Republicans, who last year had less active members in Massachusetts than QueerToday, are funded by the elite men who run the country's largest pharmaceutical companies. When you visit their web site you'll see the logos of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca flash on your screen (as well as the HRC logo! SHAME ON THEM). Make no mistake about it. The Log Cabins have a vested interest in allowing big companies to take advantage of the queer community and keeping republicans in power who will continue to launch war and prevent good health care from becoming a reality.

As most of you know these companies break the law every day in their efforts to keep demand and price high for their products. They launch fraudulent lawsuits against generic drug manufacturers to keep lower cost drugs off the market. They lie to the FDA to obtain and retain their patent rights. They launch misleading advertisements on television and in print. They have over 100,000 sales people in the United States to promote their brand name prescriptions to doctors and medical journals. They donate insane amounts of money to candidates for congress and president. Hillary Clinton has taken the most pharmaceutical industry money so far this year. Donald Rumsfeld continues to make millions from Big Pharma.

The Log Cabin Republicans must be stopped, but more importantly the way drug companies take advantage of us must be publicized and fought against with all our strength.

Earlier this year we reported on how an AIDS Drug company collected the personal information of attendees to Latino Pride in Boston. Said company is currently being sued, as are most of the other drug companies out there. Unfortunately these companies are bribing the LGBT media and some of our finest non-profit organizations with their money and influence.

The good news is that you can help hold drug companies accountable by suing them! Using the courts to hold these companies accountable helps to level the playing field between the big corporations and consumers.

Please take a moment to visit the web site of my employer, Prescription Access Litigation, and fill out our Tell Us Your Story form so that you can be apart of this important work.

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