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Hate Speech On Campus? Should it be allowed?

Framingham State College is allowing the Young Conservatives to sponsor a speaker who will spread hateful lies about the LGBT community on March 31.

The speaker, praised and promoted by MassResistance, a group recently deemed a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, will be giving a speech about his upcoming book The Born Gay Hoax.

Call Student Life:
(508) 626-4616

Click here to contact Framingham State.

Watch Ryan Sorba Speak at another College on Google Video.

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Boston Bud said...

Yeah, I saw this on their website too and chose not to blog about it since that is what MassResistance wants and craves, attention and publicity. No one is going to go to this ridiculous session. Massachusetts has moved way beyond the hate that MassResistance and Ryan Soreba spews. (for the past couple of years Ryan has been trying to get someone from the gay community to "debate" him like a bully looking for a fight. Don't take the bait, if you wrestle with pigs you'll get dirty.