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Site of Ex-Gay Conference Targeted
As the congregation poured out of Bostons Tremont Temple Baptist Church after services Aug. 14, decked out in their Sunday best, they were met by a group of 10 young activists who urged them to close the church doors to Focus on the Family (FOTF), which is set to hold a 1000-person ex-gay conference at the church Oct. 29.

The activists, members of an LGBT activist group called, spent an hour in conversation with parishioners and church officials about the Love Won Out conference in hopes that they could persuade parishioners to rescind their agreement with FOTF to use the church for the fall conference.

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Anonymous said...

I think this article could have been more representative of the tone QueerToday set on the day of the meet & greet.

I want to remind everyone that it was not confrontational in any way.

We did not "target" the church. We had conversations with the congregation.

fanous said...


we are still labeling you as pervs to our kids.

a perv is a perv